A Call to Rebuild America’s Manufacturing Workforce

There are more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs that remain unfilled in the United States. Within 10 years, that number will grow to more than 2,000,000 well-paying, important and meaningful jobs that will sit vacant unless we begin to address this critical national challenge.

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Building America’s Tomorrow

Building America’s Tomorrow is an organization designed to address this national workforce development crisis head-on. It is an attempt to take the best efforts which are already in existence, unite them in a common purpose, creatively add to these efforts, and make a tangible impact in the development of tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce. Click to Read More…

To attract young people to at least consider careers in manufacturing will require bold national initiatives to change outdated perceptions. Click here to learn more about the B.A.T. National Awareness Plan.
Building America’s Tomorrow is on a mission to enhance existing educational programs related to manufacturing and to “fill in the gaps” where no program exists. Click here to learn more about our National Education Strategy.
Building America’s Tomorrow is not about “reinventing the wheel.” As such, we are committed to forming effective partnerships to add scale to existing programs throughout the country. Click to learn more about our Partner Organizations.

Featured Partners

Building America’s TomoRRow is proud to recognize the accomplishments of our partner organizations. Here are some highlights about the terrific work they are accomplishing throughout America.

Square One Education Network is featured in this video produced by Pure Michigan.

Square One Education Network is featured in this video produced by Pure Michigan.

Current Research

Excellent research, articles and information related to modern manufacturing and workforce development – the best from our partners and the best of the web.

The Team

Building America’s Tomorrow is developing a Grand Coalition of Business Leaders, Corporations and Educational Organizations to join hands to rebuild the workforce of tomorrow.

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Building America’s Tomorrow is looking for ideas, partners and interested individuals willing to join the effort to help inspire America’s next generation workforce.

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