Adding Scale

From the very beginning, Building America’s Tomorrow has been built around the conviction that the cause of inspiring the next generation workforce is best served not by creating alternatives or newer versions of great programs that already exist, but by bringing our resources to bear to add scale, impact and reach to those great efforts.  As we have said so many times, “the world doesn’t need Building America’s Tomorrow to invent a new 3D printing program for middle school kids. Instead, what we want to focus on is finding the best programs that exist, no matter where they come from or who produced them, and find creative ways to market and distribute those programs to an ever expanding audience.” While the list of collaborative efforts is growing every day, as part of this overall effort to enhance great programs throughout the country, Building America’s Tomorrow has already identified several worthy programs that we are committed to enhancing in both content and reach. Examples include:

Robotics, Engineering and Technology Days:

Building America’s Tomorrow has become a premier sponsor and partner in the 2015 Robotics, Engineering and Technology Days, and event that will run from December 2-3, 2015 and expose up to 4000 middle school kids and their teachers to the exciting world of manufacturing. In addition to providing funding and content development support to the event organizers, B.A.T. will bring a unique “Battle Bots” robotics competition to the event, as well as other hands-on educational programs and information about modern manufacturing careers.

SME PRIME Schools:

Building America’s Tomorrow is partnering with SME’s PRIME initiative to expand the message and number of schools throughout the country impacted by this program, which is designed to build advanced manufacturing laboratories in high schools and offer highly motivational materials related to modern manufacturing to students to inspire them to take a second look at manufacturing.

Square One 3D Printing Labs:

Building America’s Tomorrow has partnered with Square One Education’s 3D Printing and Innovative Vehicle Design Labs, designed in conjunction with Michigan Tech University, to dramatically increase the number of classrooms with access to 3D printing technology. The ingenious program involves students first building and programming their own 3D printer, then using those printers for a host of manufacturing-related programs for years to come.