Education Strategy

Launch new targeted initiatives and curricula through high impact video, print materials and interactive digital materials within America’s schools to teach the true nature of modern manufacturing and reintroduce manufacturing as an honorable career pursuit.This will represent a targeted recruitment of the “best and brightest” into manufacturing by demonstrating that rewarding careers abound. A critical part of this effort will be to reach parents with the new reality of manufacturing and equip them to encourage their children to consider manufacturing careers.

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Add critical mass and scale to existing efforts from organizations such as SAE’s “World in Motion,” Society of Women Engineers (SWE,) Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME,) National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Etc. Work to bring the important efforts already underway amidst these and other groups to a broader audience of educators and students.

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Develop targeted media/educational programs designed to engage individuals not traditionally focused on manufacturing pursuits. These include major outreaches to women and powerful materials designed to engage underprivileged children in America’s urban areas.