John “Ance” Damoose

Since graduating in 1994 with a degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan, John “Ance” Damoose has become known internationally as an accomplished storyteller, marketer, writer and film producer.  He currently serves as the President and Executive Director of Building America’s Tomorrow, a national organization dedicated to helping rebuild the next generation manufacturing workforce by changing the image of manufacturing opportunities.

Over the course of his career, Ance has interviewed hundreds of business, political and military leaders including two Presidents, Vice President Dick Cheney, two Secretaries of Defense, several Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, the entire leadership team of Ford Motor Company, countless US Senators, Congressmen, Astronauts and others.  He has also filmed extensively around the world in a dozen countries on four continents, including Cuba, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, India, and throughout East Africa. He co-authored a nationally released book on the history of the United States, and served as Director/Producer/Writer on award winning national broadcast television specials including films on Arlington National Cemetery, the Medal of Honor, the story of NASA, Military Families, the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, and three national television events for the Ford Motor Company.  Ance has produced film tributes for a host of National Awards Programs in our nation’s capital honoring Senator John Warner, Senator Robert Dole, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Daniel Inouye, Senator John McCain, General David Petraeus, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, The Honorable Henry Kissinger, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Mullen, and many others. He has also been involved with producing national television and radio commercials for a long list of clients.

Additionally, Ance has long experience in Media Placement for a variety of large corporations, including Ford Motor Company, IBM, ATT and Verizon through 45 North’s original productions.   He successfully managed the national broadcast syndication media placement operations for multiple series of national television specials, and has spent years working closely with broadcast and cable networks, and a host of print and digital publications, to develop and execute highly targeted media strategies for a variety of major clients.

Additionally, Ance is an international associate with a behind-the-scenes diplomatic organization that is loosely operated in conjunction with the US Senate, House and Intelligence Agencies and is headquartered in Washington, DC.