National Awareness Outreach

National Feature Length Film Documentary Release, “The Engine of Democracy”: This national television special event and one-hour educational film will tell the comprehensive story of the state of modern manufacturing. The program will be designed to appeal to both the heart and the mind and through a creative mix of powerful storytelling, historical retrospectives, and high profile interviews will serve as a “clarion call” to mainstream American culture on the critical need to reinvigorate our manufacturing base.

The film will form the basis for all of B.A.T.’s outreach to communities and schools, and will play a significant role in dispelling the outdated image of modern manufacturing.

In addition, through guaranteed national television airings, corporate sponsors of B.A.T. will receive an appealing media return on investment.


National Television Image Campaign:


In addition to the full length film, Building America’s Tomorrow will launch a broad based, national television image/public service campaign on the need to re-establish our manufacturing capability in America. This campaign will build upon the highly successful Exxon Mobil “Let’s Solve This” campaign that helped spark a national discussion on science and math education.

Interviews, Speaking Circuit, National Media Outreach:

By virtue of the media experience and expertise of the Building America’s Tomorrow principals, a key part of our effort to reintroduce modern manufacturing to the broad American culture is a concerted effort to penetrate mainstream media outlets and public events and forums. This effort has already shown early success as B.A.T. representatives have appeared in numerous television and print media outlets and have participated in high level discussions ranging from events at the White House to the 50th Anniversary Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminar.

National Research Study:


Working in partnership with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, the National Automobile Dealers Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, the University of Michigan and the Manufacturing Institute, Building America’s Tomorrow is leading the effort to launch an national report on the future of manufacturing entitled “The Call to Rebuild America’s Manufacturing Workforce.” This study will be a high profile endeavor, launched in our nation’s capital, with the intent of forming the intellectual and statistical basis for numerous initiatives designed to target students, their parents, and the general public.