Current Curriculum Developments

“When Am I EVER Going To Use This?”

– Original 10 Part Educational Video Series.
– High production value, exciting 7-10 minute video vignettes highlighting manufacturing/STEM related careers for use in classrooms throughout America.

“Make Something”

– Original 10 Part Educational Video Series.
– 7-10 minute video vignettes similar to “How Things are Made” television series, developed with specific focus on manufacturing for use by schools and partner organizations.

“The Engine of Democracy”
– 60 Minute documentary film on manufacturing in America.
– “National Awareness Film”
– Will include versions for potential television release and in-school usage.
– Forms the basis for all messaging and other productions.
– Interviews, footage, and other resources created for this program will be available for use in all other original B.A.T. productions.
– Completion Date: 2nd Quarter 2016

B.A.T. Manufacturing Workshop
– Grades 6-8
– Implemented in informal school and non-profit organizational settings, including after school educational settings, Saturday Day Camps, Summer Camps, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, Etc.
– Long-term goal is to integrate into core school curriculum
– Manufacturing motivational videos and supplementary materials will be integrated throughout program
– Fully customizable/adaptable to different “Challenge Scenarios”