Building a Grand Coalition

A critical part of the overall B.A.T. effort is to build a broad coalition of individuals and organizations and bring their efforts together to address the overall manufacturing workforce crisis. The goal has always been to build a coalition of non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals to add scale by getting such projects into new and different educational environments, “fill in the gaps” in curriculum where needed, add in a more overt manufacturing focus to existing efforts, and do creative things to change the perception of manufacturing and stimulate demand for such education.

As such, Building America’s Tomorrow is in the process of developing partners from all walks of life, including:

    1. Corporate Partners who will help provide funding, direction and educational opportunities. General Motors and KPMG originally provided initial significant financial support to launch the effort. B.A.T. is in the process of developing longer-term sponsorships through major US Automakers, and from within the Tech, Aerospace and other industries.

    3. Organizational Partners: In the effort to add scale and reach to great existing programs, B.A.T. is developing a list of meaningful partnerships who are already doing great work to stimulate interest in manufacturing education.  Many of these partners, such as Square One Educational Network and SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) have established programs, but have activated B.A.T. in the effort to help market and distribute these efforts to a broader range of schools throughout the nation. Others, such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the National Association of Manufacturers/The Manufacturing Institute are working to develop jointly produced new efforts to engage students and their parents throughout America.

Featured National Partners

B.A.T. is partnering with Square One Education Network to bring new 3D printing experiences into classrooms throughout America. Click here to learn more about Square One Education Network.

The National Robotics League has joined hands with Building America’s Tomorrow with a new “Battle Bots” program designed to provide students a meaningful and exciting experience with robotic technology so critical to modern advance manufacturing. Click here to visit the National Robotics League website.

KPMG not only provided the lead gift that launched Building America’s Tomorrow, by virtue of their expertise and understanding of the modern manufacturing landscape, KPMG will play a pivotal role in developing and releasing the B.A.T. National Research Study “A Call to Rebuild America’s Manufacturing Workforce.” Click here for more information about KPMG.

In partnership with SME, Building America’s Tomorrow is exploring ways to incorporate their well respected PRIME program into new high schools, and we are working with SME to create and distribute new curriculum targeted to younger students. Click here to learn more about SME.

Focus Hope is an internationally respected organization focused on rebuilding hope throughout the city of Detroit, Michigan. B.A.T. is partnering with Focus Hope to enhance and develop a program geared to providing urban kids access to the skills necessary to secure solid careers in manufacturing. Click here to learn more about Focus Hope.

Tiara/S2 Yachts is partnering with Building America’s Tomorrow to develop the national television special and a host of special educational projects. Click here to visit Tiara’s official site.

Emerging Partnerships

Education Partnerships