Strategic Overview

The overall mission of Building America’s Tomorrow is to help “prepare and inspire America’s future manufacturing workforce by executing tangible education and public awareness initiatives.” There are several key ideas that form the foundation of this mission.

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    Cultural Misperceptions

    Many have an outdated idea of what manufacturing careers are like and have a negative impression about manufacturing in general.

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    Lack of Interest

    As such, many students and families will not even consider manufacturing careers and do not pursue the educational preparation necessary to thrive in such an environment.

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    Workforce Threatened

    This has led to a smaller pool of people entering the workforce at a time when the demand for such workers will continue to rise dramatically.

Three key factors – the increasing number of experienced people leaving the workforce, the cultural predisposition against manufacturing pursuits, and the increased level of sophistication required to perform manufacturing jobs – have combined to create a near perfect storm that threatens the viability of America’s future workforce.

To address this impending crisis, Building America’s Tomorrow is engaging in along three strategic fronts.

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    Building a Grand Coalition

    A critical part of the overall B.A.T. effort is to build a broad coalition of individuals and organizations and bring their efforts together to address the overall manufacturing workforce crisis. The goal is to build a coalition of non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals to add scale by getting such projects into new and different educational environments, “fill in the gaps” in curriculum where needed, add in a more overt manufacturing focus to existing efforts, and do creative things to change the perception of manufacturing and stimulate demand for such education. Click here for specific partner organizations and details about collaborative strategies.

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    Broad Based Cultural Outreach

    Building America's Tomorrow has developed and is executing a comprehensive plan designed to change the prevailing narrative related to manufacturing throughout the broad American culture. Click here for specific details related to the National Outreach Strategy.

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    Strategic Educational Engagement

    Through partnerships and the development of original content and curriculum, Building America's Tomorrow has developed a comprehensive strategy to engage students throughout the country and inspire them to investigate courses of study and careers related to manufacturing. Click here to learn more about our Education Strategy.